Cut it Up 2016 – Q & A


How did you come up with the idea for this competition?

We have always been big fans of extreme sports and turntablism, both these disciplines have online competitions, enabling new talent to compete on level terms with the big names. We felt it was about time that there was a similar event for the dance community to get involved in.

Why a thousand pounds?

Because we respect and value the hard work that goes into a routine. We also we want to encourage as many dancers to take part as possible, so that we can grow this into bigger and better competition with more categories and higher prize money in the future.

Why are you doing this competition?

We want to give something back, and felt that an ‘open to all’ competition, which is easy to enter would give dance teachers something to strive for in between events on the streetdance calendar. We are also looking forward to seeing some great video content.

What’s in it for StreetDanceMixes?

We are looking to extend our membership and unite the streetdance community in a unique and exciting way. We are confident that once people have used to enter the competition, they will discover that it’s a great place to search, preview and buy music for all of their other shows, events and competitions as well.

Why are there no vocals in the mix?

Final judging will take place by Jan 12th 2017, giving everyone plenty of time to get their routines together and upload their entries. We figured that a mix full of current songs would sound outdated by next year. It’s also a good opportunity for us to give some exposure to some great up and coming artists that we have been supporting on SoundCloud recently. Another advantage of using more underground tracks, is that choreographers are unlikely to have a pre-made routine.

How will it be judged, and who will be judging it?

To make it to the final, entries need to receive the most likes on YouTube. The ten videos with the most likes by December 12th 2016 will go on to final judging. We will announce the judge/s in the forthcoming weeks.

What are you looking for in a winning routine?

Swag, confidence, energy and dancers having fun in their own environment, or specially chosen location. The beats are quite stripped back, so we are looking for strong musicality, to bring the music to life. The track is a streetdance mix, so there are different styles represented and we’re looking for dancers who can switch it up between those styles. Plus anything that makes us go “woah”.

Can any dancer enter the comp?

Any dancer or dance crew currently resident in the UK and the EU are eligible to enter. You could be a solo entry or a 30 strong mega crew, if you can impress the public and then the judges, you are in with a chance!

Why is there only one choice of mix?

This competition is all about the choreography, we know that a good mix adds a lot to the overall impression of a performance, and some crews have better mixes than others. We wanted a level musical playing field to start off, and also we’ll be able to make a kick ass compilation of the best choreo at the end.

What do people need to film their routine?

Anything that can take video and be uploaded to YouTube; the main £1000 prize is all about choreography and execution, but, everyone loves a nicely shot dance video with a cool concept, so that’s why we are also awarding £250.00 to the best produced entry.

Will you be running more competitions?

We hope to make this an annual event in the streetdance calendar, with further categories, more mixes and bigger prizes.


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