Why you should cheer and clap more (at dance events)


There’s a bit of a trend at comps these days, where it’s getting tougher to get applause. When a crew finishes a routine, you can hear shouting, screaming and people going crazy, but, often from just one section of the room.

I get that we all want the cheering for our team to be the longest and loudest, but let’s all consider going just 80% crazy for the other teams.

If you’re watching a professional dance show in a theatre, you need to be entertained in order to put those hands together, and that’s fair enough. You work hard for your money, it’s the dancers’ full-time job, and you paid for your ticket.

At amateur competitions, the dancers aren’t getting paid, they are doing it (mostly) for the appreciation of others.

Appreciation which a lot of us spectators can be pretty stingy with, especially considering that it’s completely free to give away.

Maybe you weren’t so impressed with what you just saw, but let’s consider for a moment what it was that you actually did see:

Of course, you saw some people move vaguely in time with some music, and they were kinda dressed the same.

But, if you look deeper into the back stories, you can also see a dedicated dance teacher, who hires a hall, advertises the class, preps the choreo, finds the music and turns up on time, rain or shine, to teach some kids how to dance, how to respect themselves and others, and also to teach them the really valuable lesson that it is good to do stuff TOGETHER, rather than apart.

Keep looking deeper, and there are parents and guardians getting home from work as quick as they can and making the dinner in time to drive their kid to class. Buying sneaks or making costumes with money that’s sometimes hard to come by.

All that in a two-minute-or-so set, thousands of hours of practice and support played out in that one short moment, the routine finishes, and then, if the crew couldn’t afford to bring any travelling support,


Well, not if we’re at an event.

We will show respect for any and every group of kids that have decided to do something positive with their spare time, we will put our hands together for every dance teacher that has kept a group of kids out of gangs, drugs or radicalisation. We’ll be making some noise no matter how coordinated or uncoordinated they were, or how basic the routine was, because at StreetDanceMixes we appreciate this bigger picture. We love this industry and we want to help those that are helping others to learn, perform and compete in dance.

We can’t solve all of a dance teacher’s problems, but we do have a fantastic way to solve one of them, providing the right edited music to inspire dance teams and students, and save their teachers time and money.

Next time you witness a mediocre crew, that you’ve never heard of and don’t really care about, and they finish their set, I hope that you’ll think about cheering and clapping with us.



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