Open Letter to Artists


To all the producers, beatmakers, singers, rappers and songwriters out there, we salute you!

Your work is the lifeblood of our work, and the lifeblood of dance itself. Without music, dancing is just movement and, conversely, music that doesn’t inspire dance, is really just sound.

Making music is a calling for most musicians, which results in many of you underselling yourselves. Many of you are making a value judgement about how much joy you GET from creating the music, as opposed to how much joy you BRING to others who listen and dance.

Props to every one of you, who spend countless hours in the studio, with only one thing on your mind; making people move and bringing them joy. It makes me proud to be a human being, to know that some people dedicate their lives to this divine goal.

If you are a talented bringer of joy, then we believe you should be paid sufficiently to continue doing this thing you love and are good at, instead of squeezing it in around a ‘proper’ job.

At StreetDanceMixes, making music is a ‘proper job’ and one that can reward you for your creativity, and pay you for the work you produce.

We recognise that there is value in your product, and that you the creator deserve to get paid, whenever it’s played.

Every track and mix available for purchase on is tagged, watermarked, reported on and paid for. We report to the PRS, who re-distribute the revenue amongst their members. (the original artists/labels)

We are aware that not all artists are members of a collection agency (and that some of these upcoming artists are the freshest and sickest around RN).

If you are a musician/producer reading this, and you are not a member of a collection agency, please, get in touch ( and we can arrange payment individually with you.

Even better, create your own account and promote your music direct to some of the coolest people on the planet!

If you think your track would be good to dance to, we wanna hear it. Sign up as a DJ to access a cool dashboard with upload, reporting and sharing tools, profile editor, plus automated PayPal or BACS payments. Membership is completely free and you can terminate your account via email whenever you want.

Fair treatment of recording artists, and supplying killer tracks to dancers are the two pillars on which our business is built. Our aim? To build a place where these two dedicated communities can exchange ideas, and appreciate each other’s craft.

Music and Dance barely exist without each other. Likewise, musicians and dancers are inextricably linked as guardians of each other’s fortune and future. Both of these industries can benefit from working together and understanding each other better, growing in confidence creatively, and in strength financially.

A lack of licensed music has been holding streetdance back from it’s rightful place in the world of professional sport and entertainment, and if we musicians and dancers can grasp the concept that we are in this together, and strengthen our ties, then the sky is the limit for all of us.

To paraphrase the late philosopher Alan Wilson Watts; the point of life, like a musical composition, is not the end note, if it were, the best musicians would be the fastest, and all compositions would just be one end bang. You don’t want to march dutifully to the end (of life), and only then realise that it was a musical thing all along, and you were meant to sing and dance while the music was playing.

Thank you to the Artists, thank you to the DJs, thank you to the choreographers and dancers, you amaze us.

Now, amaze yourself by seeing what you can get from showcasing your work at – the ONLY music website of its kind, anywhere on the planet.



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